We've Been Busy!

The last two years has been CaveLight's busiest yet.  Our NYC video production company has tackled a cross-section of amazing topics and produced some really cool and interesting content. But in doing so we have neglected our public outreach and social media. We are working hard to keep moving forward but also make sure we keep any of you who are interested up to date with our projects.

So in brief, here's what we've been up to: 

-Anti-Bullying Campaign: A set of poignant and inspiring videos on how to help stop bullying and build confidence featuring the top MMA and UFC trainers in the country. 

-Raw Science: A series of docu-videos featuring amazing innovators including Elon Musk talking about Mars and his existential crisis as a kid, NASA astronauts trying to save us from astroids hitting the Earth, an abandoned McDonalds that houses the original Moon tapes and Moby asking an electric battery engineer about the limits of our battery potential... and more! 

-Short Documentaries: We have upped our game when it comes to martial arts and took an inside look at some of the most amazing athletes in the sport while focusing on the rise of a new sub-section of the sport around the world called martial arts 'tricking'. 

-Industrials: We were in New York City for part of the year filming videos for a breast cancer drug company. 

-Worker Safety Documentary:  We have completed the film and it's due out Spring 2016.