Cost of Construction


Cost of Construction at its core is a documentary about America - From the daring entrepreneurs to the fearless workers who built this country.  

The film examines the intersection of where these two indispensible forces meet, illuminating some of the best and the worst aspects of America.  

Our story starts in Las Vegas with the building of the most expensive private construction project in U.S. history and the string of controversial worker deaths that took place there.  

For the past four years, we follow two very personal stories of two families dealing with the loss of their loved ones.  A gruff Ironworker who loses his brother and a housewife who loses her son. Both take on a system that is hard to navigate and filled with blame, money and partisan politics.  Yet they don't stop until they can make sure this won't happen to other families. 

The film unfolds to look at the complex issues facing worker safety on a national level revealing a pattern of ineffective regulations, lax oversight, and dangerous negligence on the part of corporations and workers exposing a national safety system in crisis. 

In the 40 years since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created great strides have been made by many corporations, worker unions and government agencies to ensure safety . Yet 12-16 workers still die each day in America.  Full Synopsis

*Cost of Construction is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.