Jordan Ehrlich - Producer / Director

Before starting CaveLight Films, Jordan wrote and produced numerous TV and documentary projects for Travel Channel, A&E Network, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, as well as produced TV commercials abroad for brands that include Adidas, Samsung and Head & Shoulders.  In 2008, he produced the feature length documentary, Where I Stand: The Hank Greenspun Story narrated by Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins and directed by Emmy Award winner Scott Goldstein.  Jordan has also produced multiple short documentaries for SgpMedia, which are on permanent exhibit in major museums including the Newseum in Washington, DC, The Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles and the Tolerance Center in New York City. He also occasionally does freelance video work for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN and other outlets.  Jordan earned his Masters from the University of California, Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. 


Jake Abrams - Motion Graphics

Jake spent the last twelve years teaching himself the art of motion graphics.  It is his life's foremost passion and he continues to fill his time keeping up with all the latest and greatest motion and 3-d software.  This passion and talent has not gone unnoticed.  From indie docs to Sci-fi films to mainstream TV shows like Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch Jake is in high demand for his work. While we at CaveLight try and steal him all for ourselves Jake divides his time as our in-house graphics supervisor as well as doing tons of freelance work throughout the industry.   


Alex Walton - Producer

Alex's producing expertise is as dynamic as it is deep.  He's produced and help craft a wide cross-section of content from sports programs for ESPN to in-depth social commentary for Showtimes' Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - not to mention military, hidden camera and comedy docu-related content for various primetime and network programs. He is a great asset and addition to our team! 


Flavia Colgan - Producer

Flavia has joined with CaveLight to co-produce Cost of Construction. Her many years of experience producing important documentaries and advocating on behalf of people who need their voice heard by policy makers as well as the general public has been an invaluable asset in getting Cost of Construction done and done right!

More about Flavia Colgan


Andrew Gallery

Andrew is a writer/director living and working in Los Angeles. Currently he is directing My Life, The Fate of A Phenom starring Jeremy Tyler.  In 2008 after close friend Lane Garrison (co-star of Fox’s Prison Break) was involved in a DUI accident Andrew founded The Film Gallery, a non-profit production company devoted to creating cause related films. Andrew wrote and directed the organization’s first film Graduation Day; a powerful mock-news broadcast. Previous to this he wrote and directed Escape, a documentary about drinking on college campuses. This film was bought and distributed by Harvard University.


Rudi Ehrlich - Marketing Liaison

Rudi is a creative and conceptual thinker based in New York City.  He has spent his 14 year career honing skills in marketing, client relations, project management and building strategic relationships to help build strong and growing organizations.  With a track record for success and an extensive contact list he is able to effectively craft and communicate the varied messages required of a focused and growing film company. 

At CaveLight Films he applies these disciplines to find and build partnerships that will help develop and fund the various projects in development.  Rudi heads up our East Coast representation and is responsible for working with individual, government and institutional funders.


Daniel Doody - Editor / Associate Producer

Hailing from Ireland with a degree in Media from DIT, Daniel joined as an intern in December 2014 and quickly became an integral part of the fabric of CaveLight Films. Although primarily an editor, he has become a valuable cog in all aspects of production, particularly our commercial and documentary strands.


Topher Hendricks - Editor

Beyond just editing for us, Topher has been an integral part of every aspect of production from shooting, music, research and more.  Although he is only a year out of college, before he came to CaveLight he has managed to work on productions for PBS, Discovery, Rolling Stone, US Weekly and more.