My Life's Jeremy Tyler is traded to the Atlanta Hawks then to the Knicks then to the Kings and then cut from the team shortly after. This roller coaster story continues... My Life

All the episodes of CaveLight's 17-part documentary series Hope In Motion is now available on-line. Watch clips/episode here.

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CaveLight Films is an all-purpose production house creating projects that both inform and entertain. We push the envelope with cutting edge media aimed at having a positive social impact. 


A Documentary Film About the Safety of American Workers...

Cost of Construction is a film about America - From the daring entrepreneurs to the fearless workers who built this country.  

Our story begins with an investigation into a string of controversial deaths that took place on the most expensive commercial construction project in US History, called CityCenter (Las Vegas Strip). 

The film unfolds to reveal deep issues of government oversight, corporate negligence and worker responsibility exposing a national safety system where 12-16 workers die each day in America.